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Related article: After the Fireworks After the FireworksBy Stephen ScottNote: This is a continuation of my story "Fourth of July Fireworks," in which two adolescent boys have their first gay sexual experience with a pair of hunky young sailors. The setting for the stories is the mid-to-late 1970s. Since Billy and Timmy are so young, they use words like "dick" and "butt" because that's how kids described these things when I was a teen. Now I'd probably say "cock" and "ass."A sincere thank-you to James for suggesting I continue the story of Billy and Timmy.If you enjoy this story, please drop me a line at (And a no-prize if you recognize that name!)On the 5th of July I rode my bike to my best friend Timmy's house. He was already on the sidewalk waiting for me and we pedaled downtown together.We were pretty quiet on the ride, which was unusual for us. But the day before had been unusual, too. I was still sorting out my reactions to what had happened, and I thought Timmy was as well.When we got downtown we rode to the abandoned hardware store where we had met the two young sailors Mike and Davey. We looked up at the second story window, both of thinking private thoughts, conjuring up the sights, sounds and smells of the day before, when Mike and Davey had taken our virginity.My dick was stirring in my jeans at the memory of Mike licking my butthole and fucking me. I looked at Timmy's crotch, where I saw a similar bulge. Davey had done the same thing to him.I caught my friend's eye and smiled. He smiled back, but it was kind of uncertain."What?" I asked him, puzzled.He looked down at his handlebars."I--I just don't know about it all, Billy.""What do you mean?"He looked around to be sure no one on the street could hear."I mean about bein'... about bein' a fag. I--hell, Billy. I mean... it was just one time. How do I know? I never had sex before, of any kind. I mean, sure I enjoyed it. You know I did. But I don't know if I'm ready to call myself a queer is all."I touched his hand. He looked at me."Yeah, I know. Really, I do. It's just--well, with me, it was more like... I don't know. Like makin' it real. I don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything, but I've been thinkin' about boys for a long time.""Really?"He didn't seem to think any less Preteen Nude Bbs of me for my admission, so I continued."Yeah. I look at other guys in the locker room all the time. You know... watching their butts. In school, too. I love those brush denims guys wear now. They fit so tight on their butts and their legs. When I jack off at night I picture the ones I like best. Like Bobby Carson's. He has the cutest butt. Plus he's just... cute." I looked away. "I think about you, too, Timmy."He was silent. I wondered if I had said too much.After a minute he spoke again."I won't lie to you, Billy. It's exactly the same for me. I just--I couldn't really admit it. I wanted to talk to you about it but I was afraid it would make you sick and you'd stop bein' my friend."I turned to him and smiled."Never gonna happen, Tim. We've been friends so long. I hope we're always gonna be friends.""Me, too."I cleared my throat."Do you ever--do you think about me?""Yeah. Yeah, I do. I was hopin' I'd get to see you sometime without your pants on." He grinned, thinking about what we'd done with the sailors. "I guess I got my wish yesterday, huh?""But you're still not sure?""I am, mostly. I just... I dunno. I feel like I ought to do... you know... the other before I make up my mind. With a girl, I mean."I thought for a minute. I was fully capable now of thinking of myself as gay, since I had never fantasized about girls. But I understood Timmy's reluctance. Then I got an idea."You know, I bet you could get into Emily's pants. She likes you. She watches you all the time."Timmy blushed a deep red."She does?""Yeah. I bet she'd put out for you if you... you know. Got her all hot. Then you could compare it to what happened yesterday.""I don't know, Billy. I think I'd be too scared to try anything.""What if I got some beers for you? My dad has whole cases of beer in the basement fridge. He's never know if I could a couple. You and Emily could go out to the woods behind our house with a blanket and the beers."He considered this."Yeah. I guess that could work. Would you be watchin' us?"I wanted to. I wanted to see Timmy naked again."Do you want me to be there?"He blushed again."Yeah. Yeah, I do. I think it would be a cinch for me to get a hard-on if you could see me. I mean... in case Emily doesn't do it for me.""Okay. Now you gotta go see Emily."He looked scared."Shit, Billy. What if she says no? What if she tells her friends?""So what if she tells? Then no one will ever call you a fag in school. And I'm tellin' you, she's gonna say yes.""Well... okay. If you say so."I had to just about push him up to Emily's front door. I hid around the corner, watching as the cute girl came to the door. I could see Timmy hemming and hawing, but when I saw the smile on Emily's face and her head nodding up and down, I knew she'd said yes.He came back looking sheepish."So?""She's coming over at eight o'clock.""Cool. I'll get the beers. You got a blanket you can carry with you?""There's one in the basement I can use.""Okay. Wash it, though. It probably smells musty.""Okay. I'm goin' home and get ready. See you... when? Around 7.30?""Yep. I'll be there.""Okay." He got on his bike. "Bye, Billy.""Bye, Tim."I rode home. I was excited by the whole thing. Not about Emily--I didn't care about seeing her body. But I wanted to watch Timmy fuck her. I had to go up to my room and jack off just to get rid of my hard-on. I pictured Timmy naked and came like a geyser.When I was done I went down to the basement and opened the fridge. As I suspected there were cases and cases of beer. Dad wasn't a drunk, but he worked for a wholesaler and got his alcohol cheap, so he stocked up.There were hours to go before 7.30, so I picked up the book I was reading and by the time I finished it, it was 6.30 and time for dinner.I kind of bolted my food, until I saw my mom looking at me funny and slowed down to a normal pace.After dessert I left the table and went to the living room. Mom always made coffee and then sat with Dad after dinner. When they were settled, I casually put down the magazine I was thumbing through, got up, and went out of the room. I stood in the kitchen by the basement door and waited to make sure no one was going to come in. When I heard the TV playing I figured I was safe for a few minutes.I closed the door behind me and went down the steps slowly, trying not to make any noise. I grabbed three beers, put them in a paper bag, and crept back upstairs. Mom and Dad were still in the living room watching TV, so I slipped out the back door, closing it softly behind me, and sped over to Timmy's house.He was waiting for me at the front door. I motioned with my head and we went around back. He showed me the folded-up blanket. I showed him the beers."You got three bottles?""Yeah. I'm gonna drink one.""Oh.""You didn't--you didn't jack off did you?"He blushed."I wanted to. But I figured I probably shouldn't.""That's good. If you couldn't... you know... get it up, it would be bad.""Yeah," he muttered, looking at his shoes."Listen," I said. "I'm gonna on out now and hide myself in those bushes next to the creek." We'd gone there many times together, so I knew he would know where I meant. "You and Emily go to creek and spread the blanket on the shore. That way I'll have a good view.""Okay," he croaked.I took a beer and handed him the bag. Then I put my hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze."You'll be fine. I'll see you after, okay?""Yeah. Okay."I walked into the woods and wandered down to the creek. The foliage around the water was thick, but offered a good view of the shore. I could see out perfectly, but in the dark I knew I wouldn't be seen myself.I settled in and waited. I opened the beer and took a swig. I'd had beer before, so it wasn't a big thrill. Mom and Dad occasionally let me drink wine or beer on holidays or during special meals, and even whiskey sours on New Year's Eve, so I didn't have that need so many teenagers did to go out and get drunk on forbidden liquor.About the time I figured it most be close to 7.30, I heard someone coming. Sure enough, it was Timmy and Emily. Timmy spread the blanket out on the ground and sat down on the edge closest to me. Emily sat next to him. He gave her a beer and they sipped from the bottles.They talked softly until the bottles were empty. After a little while, I heard Emily speaking."You know, Tim... I really like you.""You do?""Yeah. I do.""That's nice, Emily."I nearly slapped my forehead. What a doofus! Why didn't he say something like "I like you, too"?He awkwardly put an arm around her waist. I couldn't really see his face, but I was willing to be he was blushing."Do you think--would you like to fool around, Tim?""I--yeah, Em. I would.""I brought... um... one of my dad's... you know ..."She held out a small plastic packet. I knew it was a rubber. I winced. Why hadn't I thought of that?"Gosh, Em!""I don't want you to think I'm... some kind of whore or anything. I just figured... you know... I mean, you asked me to come out to the woods! And... well, it's better to be prepared, right? I mean, just in case.""Gee, Em. You know--I never--I mean... I haven't...""You're a virgin, too?"I knew he wasn't, at least technically. A virgin to boy-girl stuff, though, definitely. I also knew he was blushing again. You could embarrass Timmy so easily. All you had to do was compliment him, or say pretty much anything at all about sex.She kissed him on the mouth. He fumbled around, not knowing what to do. Finally, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. They kissed for a long time, and then Emily broke it off."Touch my breasts, Tim. I want to feel your hands on me."He tentatively cupped her titties with both palms."You like them, Tim?"He nodded."You wanna see them?"He nodded again. I shook my head. If I'd been in Timmy's place I wouldn't have to be led like a pony!She lifted her t-shirt over her head and tossed it away and then unzipped her jeans and pulled them off. She was sitting there in her bra and panties, staring at Timmy with a sweet and lustful look on Preteen Nude Bbs her face."Wow," Timmy whispered.She leaned forward and took hold of his T-shirt. She pulled it over his head and off. Then she grabbed him and they fell onto the blanket, kissing. I could see her tits rubbing against Timmy's chest. My dick started stirring in my pants. I wished it could be my chest against his and not Emily's. Well, maybe later...Not really knowing what else to do, Timmy grabbed her butt. It was large and feminine, not rounded and cute like a boy's. It did nothing for me.After a minute, Emily sat up, straddling Timmy's torso. She reached down and pulled her panties lower. I could see her bush in the moonlight. If it had a dick attached to it, it might have turned my crank. She lifted off of him and slipped the panties off. Now she was completely naked except for her shoes and Timmy was still wearing his pants.C'mon, Tim, I shouted in my mind. Take `em off!Instead, Emily reached down and unzipped him. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled the flaps apart. Then he just put her hands under his shorts and grabbed his dick.Now she had my attention.She pulled it out. It wasn't very hard, but she changed that by using both hands to masturbate him. His head was rolling from side to side and his legs were twitching beneath her.I rubbed my crotch, staring at Timmy's new hard-on.Emily ripped open the package with her teeth and pulled out the rubber. Then she leaned down and unfurled it over his dick. I wondered if she was as much of a virgin as she claimed to Preteen Nude Bbs be.She hitched herself up and pulled Timmy's jeans down to his ankles. Then she took hold of his dick, squatted over it, and guided it into her pussy. Then she sat down, his dick deeply embedded inside her.I watched Timmy, but he looked pretty much the same as before. I willed him to change positions. Then, almost as though he was reading my mind, he pushed himself up off the blanket and pushed Emily down onto her back.He lowered his face to hers and pressed his mouth down onto her lips. His butt was raised up, and that got my engine going. I rubbed my crotch, staring at my friend's butt-cheeks as he started pumping his hips back and forth, fucking her. When he raised his butt, the cheeks relaxed and opened, and when he plunged back inside her, they clenched tight. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I stared at his butt, mesmerized, stroking my hard-on in a daze.It didn't take long before he reached a climax. He slammed into her, cried out, and his butt tightened as he emptied his load into the rubber. My dick was as hard as a steel rod. I had to hold back a gasp as my orgasm hit, soaking the inside of my underpants.I don't know whether Emily had one or not, but when my head cleared I could see she was smiling. Timmy lay on top of her, and she was nibbling on his ear. They stayed that way for a while, then Timmy kissed her and pulled out, sitting up and gathering his clothes from the ground.When they were both dressed, They stood and faced each other."That Preteen Nude Bbs was sweet, Tim.""Yeah, it was." He seemed to be searching for words. Finally he muttered, "Thanks, Preteen Nude Bbs Em."She came to him, hugged him briefly, kissed his cheek, and ran off toward the neighborhood.When I was sure she was gone, I came out of my hiding place. Tim was just standing there, staring off in the direction Emily had gone. I sat on the blanket and waited.Finally, he came and sat next to me. He looked down at his shoes and sighed."So?" I asked.He shrugged his shoulders."Well, come on, Tim! What do you think? Was it good?""It was... it felt good, Billy." He lifted his eyes to mine. "Just not as good as what Davey and I did yesterday." He sighed deeply. "So, yeah. I guess I'm really a fag.""Doesn't sound like it makes you happy, Tim.""Why should it? It's gonna be hard. People will hate us all our lives. If anyone at school finds out, we're dead.""You says anyone's gonna find out? You're gonna get the rep as a stud!""Yeah, but what if other girls want to do it?""So you'll figure out a way out. Tell `em you've become religious and you don't believe in sex before marriage. For cryin' out loud, Tim! Use your damn brain!"He looked deeply into my eyes. He had a fearful look on his face."You're mad at me. Why are you mad Preteen Nude Bbs at me?"I slumped my shoulders. He really did have to be led around by the nose. But maybe that could be to my advantage."Forget it, Timmy. I'm not mad." I smiled weakly at him. "It was hot watchin' you fuck her, though."His face lit up."Really?""Yeah. Your butt was so sexy to watch. I creamed my damn pants!"He looked pleased."Wow," he said. "You know, the whole time, the only thing that kept me hard was picturin' you underneath me."Now it was my turn to blush. A warm feeling in my crotch told me my dick had started stirring again."I'd like that, Timmy. Bein' under you, I mean. I'd like it a lot.""I--I'd like it, too. On top of you, or underneath."There was a definite bulge in his pants."C'mere," I said, opening my arms for him. He snuggled against me. I put a hand in his hair and ran my fingers through it. He put his arms around me, and we started kissing."You'd be better than any pussy," he murmured when the kiss broke.I looked into his eyes."Do you think you could come again so soon?""I dunno. What about you?""I dunno either. So maybe we should wait `til tomorrow, when we've both had a chance to rest up, huh?""Yeah, I guess so." He sighed and nuzzled my neck. I ran my hands down his back and cupped his cute round butt. Finally, I pushed him gently away and we got up. He folded the blanket and we stood looking at each other."My mom and dad are gonna be away all day tomorrow. They're goin' to visit my aunt and uncle. They won't be back until late.""Oh, yeah?" he asked, starting to smile."You wanna come over?""Yeah."I put my arm around his shoulder."We'll have a good time. I'd like to finally do some things with you, since all I've gotten to do so far is watch!"We walked back to his place, our hands joined together until we saw the light on his patio burning."When tomorrow?" he asked, letting go of my hand."Whenever you want. Ten o'clock sound okay?""You bet."I turned him towards me."Don't jack off tonight, okay?""Yeah. Okay. It's gonna be hard not to, though.""I know. But don't." I pulled him to me and gave him a brief, sweet kiss on the lips. "See you in the morning."I walked away home, imagining what tomorrow would be like. I couldn't wait to get Timmy into my bed. Then I finally became aware of the cold, sticky mess in my pants. I grinned, reminding myself to do a quick rinsing job in my bathroom sink before I went to bed.To Be Continued...
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